Our Services



  • Remuneration Policy Development and Tax Planning
  • Industrial Relations Workshop for Union Executives and Opinion Leaders
  • Cost Control and Waste Minimization /Reduction for Improved Productivity
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Development (Post-Retirement Focus)
  • Effective Management of Interface In a Manufacturing Organisation
  • HR Management for Non-HR Professionals
  • Performance Management (Goal Setting, Monitoring and Performance Appraisal)
  • Attitudinal Change as Critical Success Factor for Improved Performance
  • People Management for Operational Success
  • Team Building and Interpersonal Relationship [Team building exercises and outdoor options available]. Venue is
    21/2hrs from Lagos in a world-class resort centre
  • Industrial Safety and Decent Work Habits
  • Health Management Issues in Human Capital Management – Legal Issues, Best Practices etc
    Building High Performing Teams within Multiple Work Contract Operations [working with various agency staff in
    your company]
  • Workers & Employers Forum – Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry
  • Developing and Improving Customer Service Skills
  • Customer Relations for Sales / Marketing Team
  • Time Management, Personal Planning & Effectiveness

These programmes are designed to address specific organizational needs. The investigation, identification and
curriculum planning are pursued through partnership between us and other businesses. This means the programmes
will be organizational culture-specific. Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced training curriculum that supports your organisation’s strategic intent and addresses your core values and
  • Integration of theory and practice
  • Shared learning experience
  • Opportunity to utilize and develop the coaching expertise of some of your organization’s personnel
  • Flexibility of location and scheduling of training programmes.

Executive Selection And Human Resources System Audit
In the course of the existence of AFBTE, a Data Bank of candidates with varying qualifications and experience has been
built up. If you require to fill certain position(s) through our Data Bank or network, we will carry out interviews and
provide you a short list of suitable candidates for your organization to make final selections.

Under our Executive Selection Scheme, we also arrange placement for expatriate personnel in terms of Quota
Administration, Resident Permit/Renewal and short stay Visas through the Immigration Department.

Human Resources Systems Audit
It is very rewarding for you to have a second opinion on your Human Resources systems for continuous improvement.
Examination of the strengths and weaknesses of your system and feedbacks for re-design/modifications will be
of immense benefit to your organization.